Horse Rescue Mission in djibouti


This mission has started less than 4 weeks after it came to our attention that the Djibouti National Police were given horses over a period of time that they are not able to properly care for, unfortunately the horses are in very bad condition. After meeting with the Head of the Djibouti National Police he expressed his sadness and he fully supported our rescue effort to bring the horses back into healthy condition, and he immediately granted us unrestricted  access to the horses.

From our first on site visit, we found that the horses are suffering from illnesses (piroplasmosis, dermatitis), malnutrition, lack of proper daily care, exercise, hygiene, bedding and most importantly medical care. It is heartbreaking to see the horses in this condition.

The initial number was 30 horses. We know 2 died last week and now we have only 25 horses: 20 males, 3 mares (including 1 nursing mare) and 2 foals.

We have worked hard to find records of their breed, age, weight, vaccinations and medical checks but the information is not available.

Our mission is to rescue the horses by transferring them to Decan wildlife refuge and to bring them back to health and vitality. To offer them a safe haven: shelter, nutrition, veterinary, dental, farrier care, and give them lots of love and attention.

Before we can do this we must raise the funds necessary to support this rescue mission. Our plan is once funds are available, we will be able to transfer those horses to the refuge and bring them back to their fullest physical and mental potential. 

§  We have to prepare a fenced area in the refuge with shaded location. Noting that the refuge has the appropriate space in a natural protected environment with acacia trees and sandy ground.

§  Dedicate a team of volunteers to be responsible for the daily care needed for the horses

§  Immediately start a nutrition program with good quality food and vitamins & mineral supplements

§  Immediately start medical care and establish vaccination records 

We will put our hearts and souls into saving the horses.

You can make a difference in their life today. We rely on your financial support to accomplish our mission. Donations can be made at

We remain at your disposal should you require any further information. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. You can contact Sari Rasas at phone # +253 77167828email or Valerie Dekiere at phone # +253 77806691 email

You can find Decan Wildlife Refuge at  and on Facebook at


Yours faithfully,

Sari Rasas & Valerie Dekiere