Shingalana Pumpkin

The coolest cat on social media

I know some of you are probably wondering why we have the gorgeous Shingalana as our mascot but to anyone that knows him, knows that he is a cat of the people. Over little time, he has garnered quite a following on social media. Luckily, for us, his popularity has not diminished his heart. So, when Shingalana heard about the starving animals in a abandoned zoo in Taiz, he graciously offered his fame and voice to the Taiz zoo animals.

He has been both a strong force in keeping the Taiz zoo animals in the forefront and a great fundraiser for over two years. Therefore, we, at A Lion’s Heart, decided to honor him here with his own page. Thank you, Shingalana!

Shingalana Pumpkin hard at work addressing his beloved followers on social media.

Shingalana getting prepared to make a plea for the Taiz zoo animals.