Press Release- A Lion's Heart to Help Starving Abandoned Zoo Animals


In Taiz, Yemen

Taiz, Yemen, June 10, 2016– United States based nonprofit, A Lion’s Heart, to mobilize to help save the starving zoo animals located in Taiz Zoological Gardens in Taiz, Yemen.

An ongoing civil war in Yemen has left a zoo of 282 animals at its mercy. Bankruptcy and a vicious battle has left these animals in a life boat situation with no end in sight. A Lion’s Heart believes that we have a moral obligation to these animals. The only true innocents in this horrible situation. We must not fail them. Amy E. Adams-A Lion’s Heart

With war raving Yemen as a whole, the war has left a bloody trail of innocent victims.  Of those victims, are innocent zoo animals locked away in obsolete concrete prisons.  Two pictures previously circulated of a severely emaciated male lion in Taiz shocked the world.  The pictures were both horrifying and heartbreaking with affected animal lovers declaring that something had to be done.  Due to that photographic proof, a previously, short term solution was found and implemented in February by a group of volunteers. Unfortunately, there were problems associated with a strictly volunteer unregistered charity.  A Lion’s Heart has determined that it had to step up for these precious animals to provide a legal avenue to address the grave problems that still plague Taiz’s animals.  A comprehensive plan has been drafted and will be implemented by A Lion’s Heart to ensure the needed support for the survival and optimum care for all the 282 animals located in Taiz zoo.  We cannot allow these animals to have to step backwards and yet again face starvation.  A Lion's Heart will, also, be providing a new facility to be built on the existing grounds to improve the animals' lives by providing them with a state of the art zoo that is eco-friendly and is modeled after a sanctuary's environment. This will help all the zoo's animals with both physical and mental health by ensuring an enclosure is suitable to their individual species' needs and allowing them to express more of their natural behaviors.  


A Lion’s Heart is a registered 501(c)(3) charity located in the United States in Southside, Alabama with global contacts. Whose main mission and goal is to help and alleviate the suffering of zoo animals throughout the world.