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How Scams and Lies Are Killing Real Animals

First, I would have never imagined being attacked so deliberately for just trying to save and feed, water, and medicate starving animals trapped in a war zone. I, obviously, was delusional in thinking people would support ethics, hard work, and dedication to forgotten and often ignored animals that are trapped globally in abandoned, struggling, perhaps even abusive circumstances, to the extreme of war zones. Not to mention, we are a legally registered and recognized nonprofit organization but yet, an individual or individual(s) have managed to lie, deceive, scam people into turning against the very organization that is and has been providing for the very animals these individuals claim they love and care about.  Sorry, you do not sabotage, lie, post false dated information, and make claims that you have no solid proof of. Yet, we had people stop donating, ban us from animal groups, and make horrible posts on social media with nothing but hearsay. Yes, we are all still waiting on that no evidence since January. Nothing has ever been produced but yet that toxic spew cost these animals dearly. Thankfully, we did have credible evidence dating back to SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue in February 2016.  Thankfully, some real ARAs actually took notice of that fact. Especially in weighing the lack of concrete proof of these people to the almost daily proof we have had. Not to mention, the ever changing story from no zoo (rubble), to no animals, to replaced animals, and the story gets wilder and more heinous from there. However, I am still real disappointed in the people who just bought that garbage and worst yet, posted it on their ARA pages. Spread it around like victors instead of the attention sensationalist that they were and are. You are certainly not heroes but a cancer. Oh and by the way, A Lion's Heart nor SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue have ever been under investigation by Interpol. I realize that delusion was put out there by an individual in February/March 2016.  It was never true and is not true today. The fact that anyone would claim to be an credible informant or have privy to inside information of an international task force is preposterous in itself. Although, I am certain, that like your local law enforcement, you will always have crackpots making senseless and baseless complaints. File thirteen anyone? Because of this baseless and fact-less havoc, we have been forced to address all of these lies and baloney more than once. Our posts along with an SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue post are located below.





Although, I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and this may explain the true motive(s), if there even is one.

This is actually a personal photo stolen and used without permission to defame. The most hurtful is that this also contains my heart dog that I lost to lymphoma. Thanks for that! By the way, I was born and bred in Savannah, Georgia and yes, that is in the United States. My great grandfather was even a Georgia state senator. However, even if I was from anywhere else, why does this matter? It should be clear that this was used to trigger hatred and fear.

In the end, just doing a search of both SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue and A Lion's Heart Facebook pages should have made these claims, and especially with no documents or pictures, a dead issue. Unfortunately, it was a lie that some people wanted to believe in.  I wish to ask all of these people to search your hearts and really do some soul searching as to why you allowed yourself to be corrupted this way?  The people that had all of these wild claims with no credible evidence need to be purged completely. They are a liability and a danger to progress for animal rights and welfare. 

Then we have the sellf proclaimed savior, Kim-Michelle Broderick. Who claims to have been the only rescuer of Taiz zoo.  Wow! You can just read her details and promises with such amazement.  Unfortunately, little of any of what she claims or says she has done is true.  Yet, another individual, that is very convincing, has deceived many with pleas, lies, manipulations, deceptions, pressure, and many broken promises.

First, she did not found the Taiz zoo mission.  SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue did with their founder, Chantal Jonkergouw in February 2016. You can read all about this history in our previous news blog here: https://www.alionsheart.org/news/2017/7/20/history-the-truth-and-the-importance-of-research . I realize this alone is a great deal of information and I do apologize to all newcomers but the bleeding and confusion must stop. This and the above are why real animals die and receive little to no assistance.

Now how was Kim able to be so convincing? She is a master at talking and acting. She also seems so sincere and passionate. Unfortunately, very little she claims is true and she makes many false promises and just all out lies people really want to believe. So much so, she contacts people and organizations internationally and they believe her and her claims. When things start to be confusing or not make sense, they start searching and message, email, or call me. This very thing has happened on numerous occasions. Recently, it was a wildlife center in the Ukraine that Kim promised the Taiz leopards to. Imagine my embarrassment at having to explain none of this was true. This is also when all of our followers, including board members, got this lovely message below.

The first thing that should have stood out about this message is the complete invasion of privacy and lack of professional ethics. The second clue should be all the contradictions. If you have permits to remove the animals, what difference would feeding them make? You would think anyone would be glad that we were feeding. Therefore, the animals would all be healthy enough for travel. It would be a win for you. Unfortunately, this entire thing was made up. There was never permission and no permits. We are and were the only legal organization or the only one period providing for these animals.

It, unfortunately, goes much deeper than that with personal messages and constant spamming. It went as far as declaring my death or eventual death to many followers and professional organizations. The content can be seen in the link below. You are welcome to contact us for the solid evidence behind this notice.


There are also several screenshots of messages sent and accusations posted below.

Unfortunately, none of the above slide show is true. The only thing that is true is Kim's constant harassment and continual unethical and even criminal behavior against individuals just trying to help these poor embattled animals. It is a miracle we have any donors at all. No legal charity or even caring person behaves this way. We, A Lion's Heart, are in no danger of losing our charity status. We have zero charges against any board member and you cannot charge or sue an organization, even a nonprofit organization. So, again, false information. We have legal documents and two law firms that represent us. I can easily provide those details, can she? It would be no. The FBI is also not involved and Trump has not blocked our or any other American based humanitarian aid to Yemen. We are also not dealing with terrorist. The list really goes on and on and true to form, changes when one is proven untrue. Which all are and remain untrue.

Then, we had the sudden move to Ibb. I will show you the history on Ibb and the true reason for yet another emergency and rescue. First, Ibb has had issues and they were reported by the Foundation of Endangered Wildlife in Yemen. Here is a link to their report and a few videos showing the same exact problems and many of the same pictures Kim touts. http://www.yemenileopard.org/news/status-evaluation-mission-to-ibb-zoo.html

There is even more video footage of dehydrated and starving donkeys and a wounded hyena from FEW on Ibb zoo. This report and video footage above is over a year old. Yet, the pictures and story line on the Ibb zoo rescue mission is the exact same as if it were yesterday. I am not saying Ibb no longer needs help but the true status of the animals there is currently unknown to us but instead, this is meant to be a warning of repeated quotes and material. I am not saying Kim has not helped at all but looks can often be deceiving. Especally if you look at the evidence and know the history of this individual.

Now for the real truth as to why this sudden change to Ibb? I will let you make up your own mind but we have several government documents with our explanation, including two from the governor, said by Kim to be the "final decision maker". All signed and stamped documents are located below along with their English translations.

This is the link to a government document in February of 2017 stating we were the only one assisting Taiz zoo.


You can go through our history on our Facebook page and see almost daily footage.

Unfortunately, we had someone in the background, previously orchestrating desperate or naive people to film and take pictures of others' work. Which is why it always seemed she had a legitimate operation. This, of course, was hurtful to the animals because it confused and diverted much needed funding. That, along with threats and harassment with constant messaging, continued and continues to effect these animals. I had an individual wanting to donate. He mentioned so on our page. He ended up calling because Kim scared him. He told me that she messaged him 11 times and the messages had become threatening. Now, does this behavior sound professional at all? There are several individuals that had to resort to blocking her just to stop the harassment. Ask this question on our page and you will find many victims. Unfortunately, we lost support as well from this because many people wanted to stay away from the whole, now toxic, mess. Turning Taiz into something that very few, even organizations and media, wanted to support.

Finally, wanting to get in and be recognized, she promised more than we had the ability to do. We, rationally, could not compete. Mr. Ghazi did not believe these promises either but had to give this individual, who had never taken care of the entire zoo or even really kept even one of the Taiz animals alive before, a trial but pleaded for us to not abandon them. He apologized but said that he had to take the chance for the people and the animals of Taiz. 

Our love and commitment to our zoo family kept us in the wings. We were not wishing failure. Heartbreakingly, it was just three weeks before the show was over and Taiz was $20,000 USD in debt. We, thankfully, were not responsible for this incredible debt but were apologized to and asked to come back and please help these long suffering animals. At the same time, all of our followers and even friend's list were mass messaged with nothing but lies and confusion. They were told not to donate or share. Which has and continues to put these animals' lives on the line. So much so, the zoo, Mr. Ghazi, and the governor of Taiz, Mr. AlJanadi, have put out multiple statements about the truth and the harm that was done to Taiz, its people, and the continual victims, the Taiz zoo animals. All statements and English translations are below. Anyone is welcome to get these official documents verified themselves.  

Official document from Mr. Ghazi and Taiz Zoo in address to Kim-Michelle Broderick and her lawyer.

English Translation is as Follows:

Mr. lawyer / hakim alsharabi representative of Mrs. / kim michelle.

 The management of hygiene improvement fund would like to telling you greeting. 

The topic  / notified to end the agreement and exclusive specified note directed to you on 9/4/2017  the following reasons set out below with reference to the topic above and because we we have received your desire to provide help  animals for a period of six months, which we welcomed under note is directed to you on 9/4/2017 , which included the giving you the right to be a Shepherd exclusive during the period of support for animals at Taiz zoo in the field of nutrition and that apply exclusive your business to help the animals in the zoo Taiz beginning of the arrival of the first  weekly payment from support, according to your offer up to you stop for providing that support where you to provide support from the date of 8/4/2017 and stopped for providing that support on 28/4/2017 so we decided to notified to end the agreement the following reasons:

1- not to continue to provide assistance weekly feeding daily animals and workers where began to aid on 8/4/2017 stopped in the history of 28/4/2017 which made the management of the zoo bear the debt to suppliers the amount of the ability of Twenty thousand of $ 20,000 $ described note of 23/5/2017 and this is a breach of the agreement and exclusive described note of 9/4/2017. Specified period ending agreement and exclusive described note of 9/4/2017 to when you stop for support for the fact that you stop for support has got really had zoo in taizz to carry the indebtedness which did you can repeat fulfill their lack of funds have this is a breach of you in agreement with the knowledge that debt is still restricted to you.

2- You request out some animals from the garden to the other to end the war in Yemen and consider this demand key to aid the weekly this application is a departure from the agreement is considered help conditional can not be approved and implemented in any way.

 Thus: reasons set out above, we you of an end to the agreement and exclusive and deal with you reasons the former. We reject any support conditional.

 Accepted pure greeting

The Taiz governance document signed, dated, and stamped by the Taiz governor, Mr. AlJanadi and supported by the entire governance of Taiz. (Click to enlarge)

English Translation as Follows:

Zoo Taiz - Taiz governorate

This zoo is the second park in Yemen and the first Arab-level park after  Abdul Majid  Garden in Aden , which was established in 1946. The park's administration stated that it refuses to abandon its animals, which are considered the historical and environmental heritage of the Republic of Yemen.

And the zoo can not give any chance to the allegations of some in the extortion of volunteers to help the garden internally or externally,  especially / Kim Michel Brod Rick , which strives hard  in her twisted ways and the use of some people by communicate with them through the social networking under  different names and sending them several pictures of the zoo animals and  what is created and innovated in It with the aimed of  exploiting the channels of assistance under the pretext of animal welfare for its own benefit. On the other hand she is seeking to disable channels of assistance provided by Alions Heart organization.

This response comes as a result of what Kim Michel published on Facebook on 27 June 2017, that she has provided support to the park since February 2017 to the date of the publication and has raised many points and included that its assistance is a profitable deal for all parties if the zoo accept transfer the animals to one of the countries and the park has already managed a response on 18 December 2016 to the note of Hakim Sharabi, the representative of Kim Michel in Yemen included the rejection of that request, but the idea of its basis Consequently, the response was repeated as follow:

Kim Michel claims that she is providing financial support to the garden and, in fact,  she provided support for three weeks and dealt wrongly with the simplest standards that she had never dealt with the actual garden manager, Muhammad Sheikh, who issued a decision from the governor to manage the park because he deals naturally and institutionally with the supporting bodies and associations By the local institution Tamdeen Shabab Foundation, which had an active role in dealing with SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue from March 2016 to mid-November for the same year. After that period, A lions Heart completed the relief operation in January 2017 and to current *** The administration of the park did not interfere with the affairs of the institution or jump on it and communicate with the parties or associations without involvement in the subject and the administration of the park dealt with Tamdeen Youth Foundation and made it responsible for the implementation of programs in the field of care and specialized nutrition  animals under the supervision of  the zoo.

The administration of the park or the cleaning and optimization fund can not carry out external transactions without the approval of the local council of the governorate and its executive office in order to avoid interference or contradictions, which some attempted to violate these principled and administrative obligations.

And if there is any deal between Kim Michel and one of the staff of the park, according to Maachart, the subject will be presented to the local council to take the necessary legal action to prevent such direct and irresponsible handling.

Referring to the dealing of the hygiene fund with Hakim al-Sharabi, who claimed to represent Kim Michel and that he has support for six months, the Fund dealt with them seriously to prove its role and its giving which will serve the zoo and later found that this man has no effective role and after that cut off dealings with him due to his violation of the conditions presented to the Fund for Hygiene and Improvement represented by the Director General of the Executive Eng. / Ghazi Ahmed Ali, which resulted in this deal indebtedness to the brother / Hakim Sharabi $ 20,000 dollars due to care workers and supply costs. 

Kim Michel said that she had to pay the first amount of one hundred fifty-five thousand dollars and that she had already paid the sum of twenty thousand dollars to this zoo which is not true .The administration of the zoo did not receive any money from the plaintiff / Kim Michel and have already noted that it does not deal with the zoo officially but clearly It seems that she is deceives the donors in the name of the animal welfare, that she pays what is brought to the zoo, and it seems that it pays to those who cooperate with her, not as she says and promotes that she will make a profitable deal for all parties. In light of this proposal, the administration of the park and the local council of the governorate will not hesitate to file a complaint to the United Nations Welfare Organization to hold it accountable and recover the amounts collected by the name of  Taiz zoo.

The administration of the zoo keen to clarify its vision of dealing with any organization except through an organization that is registered with the United Nations and does not deal with local or external individuals or figures without an institutional framework.

Unfortunately, it does not end there as Kim continued to attack our work, lie, and now promises that the Taiz zoo animals are being fed by her for evacuation, now, to Ibb. Which is also not true as Kim and anyone that associates or helps her can be held accountable for prosecution. Kim, due to her reckless and dangerous behavior and complete disregard for the people and animals of Taiz, will not be allowed to prey, at least legally, in Taiz any longer. She is still preying on donors and even organizations with promises and, of course, harassing our followers that have not blocked her. I have no explanation for this behavior except for it is completely immoral.

Another note from the Taiz Governance and Governor Addressing Kim and pleading to refer to the above government document.

In the end, it is up to each individual to decide. I just felt I was forced to do this news post to be able to provide true information as we continue to fight for these animals' lives. We can no longer afford this continual horror to keep going on without it being properly addressed. Unfortunately, this is just a fraction of the damage that has been done.

How did this happen? Unfortunately, social media has allowed individuals to continue to go unchecked. Lack of research and believing whatever is another serious problem. Personal fundraisers have also done a lot of damage in terms of believing an individual is credible over a registered, legal, functioning, nonprofit. Unfortunately, this does some damage to A Lion's Heart in terms of support but the absolute worst, is that it kills and/or horribly hurts the very animals that are desperate for help. It cannot continue and this fight against lies and misinformation we must win or it is the animals that will pay the ultimate price for this evil.





History, the Truth, and the Importance of Research

It is often human nature to protect oneself with pleasant thoughts after a bad experience. Even if you are at fault, we tend to rationalize or bring a moral justification to a wrong doing. It is often difficult to accept responsibility and change from an experience. However, there is that and then there is what can only be referred to as delusion or all out lying. When it becomes a real problem is when not everyone knows the sins one cloaks.

Now, we all are guilty of something. However, to use a serious cause and a world stage to promote your delusions and/or lies takes this to an epic level. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered this unresearched article. https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/indepth/2017/3/4/ark-of-endangered-species-on-the-brink-in-yemen . My thoughts were of disbelief and I will explain why.

First, it was Chantal Jonkergouw that founded the Taiz zoo rescue mission in February 2016. She was the first to set up a fundraiser and rally people to the Taiz animals' cause through both Facebook and international media. I have put up several links for everyone to read through stating that fact. 

I realize that this is a congratulations on the year anniversary of SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue but the attachment is the real reason for this link. 


Taiz Zoo News Articles:

Feb. 17, 2016


Feb. 18, 2016


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March 23, 2016


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Dec. 21, 2016



We started a partnership with SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue in September 2016.  We continued to work together until the end of December.  SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue officially handed the project over to A Lion's Heart on December 28, 2016.  Here is their official statement to that fact located here:  https://www.facebook.com/SOSZooandBearRescue1/photos/a.981627688585015.1073741828.981358848611899/1239233912824390/?type=3&theater

Why we continued on is that we were asked by the zoo to please come and assist.  Here is our documents and reasons for our return in January.  https://www.facebook.com/alionsheartorg/posts/626731270847589

Other articles on A Lion's Heart taking over the Taiz zoo Rescue and Conserve Mission.





Now how does Kim-Michelle Broderick fit into all of this?  First, she was a member of SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue but due to unethical and unprofessional behavior, she was removed.  We then took her into A Lion's Heart. Like I mentioned above, she is very convincing.  We, too, had to remove her due to unethical and unprofessional behavior.  She then started raising money from a personal PayPal account on her personal page.  She told everyone that I was no longer able to carry on.  She, being the hero that she was, was determined to carry the torch.  She went as far as to telling even professional organizations that I was dead or dying, bankrupt, on drugs, an alcoholic, etc..  When some people started to question, then I was going to lose my charity status in six months.  They were threatened and harassed as well for sharing posts or donating. Well, it has been over a year and we are still standing.  It got so bad our law group sent her a cease and desist letter because she continued to use A Lion's Heart's status.  

However, and true to form, she told people that she had taken legal action against myself and our board. You cannot sue or take legal action against an organization. People believed it. Unfortunately, no one bothered to research. I even gave the law office's number out because we went through legal channels to remove Ms. Broderick. The nonprofit organization was too important to not seek legal advice and go through legal channels. Which should go without saying.

In the end, it should be clear as to what article and story line is not like the other. It is truly heartbreaking about all the lies and harassment. It is also why it is next to impossible to get the help or coverage these animals have and continue to desperately need. We continue to battle a slew of lies, distortions, and delusion to this day.  Even our poor Samara (our recent lioness loss) was resurrected days later, only to die again for a post. It is truly amazing. Amazing or not, this has continued to confuse and hurt the most innocent victims, the Taiz animals.  





Press Release- A Lion's Heart to Help Starving Abandoned Zoo Animals


In Taiz, Yemen

Taiz, Yemen, June 10, 2016– United States based nonprofit, A Lion’s Heart, to mobilize to help save the starving zoo animals located in Taiz Zoological Gardens in Taiz, Yemen.

An ongoing civil war in Yemen has left a zoo of 282 animals at its mercy. Bankruptcy and a vicious battle has left these animals in a life boat situation with no end in sight. A Lion’s Heart believes that we have a moral obligation to these animals. The only true innocents in this horrible situation. We must not fail them. Amy E. Adams-A Lion’s Heart

With war raving Yemen as a whole, the war has left a bloody trail of innocent victims.  Of those victims, are innocent zoo animals locked away in obsolete concrete prisons.  Two pictures previously circulated of a severely emaciated male lion in Taiz shocked the world.  The pictures were both horrifying and heartbreaking with affected animal lovers declaring that something had to be done.  Due to that photographic proof, a previously, short term solution was found and implemented in February by a group of volunteers. Unfortunately, there were problems associated with a strictly volunteer unregistered charity.  A Lion’s Heart has determined that it had to step up for these precious animals to provide a legal avenue to address the grave problems that still plague Taiz’s animals.  A comprehensive plan has been drafted and will be implemented by A Lion’s Heart to ensure the needed support for the survival and optimum care for all the 282 animals located in Taiz zoo.  We cannot allow these animals to have to step backwards and yet again face starvation.  A Lion's Heart will, also, be providing a new facility to be built on the existing grounds to improve the animals' lives by providing them with a state of the art zoo that is eco-friendly and is modeled after a sanctuary's environment. This will help all the zoo's animals with both physical and mental health by ensuring an enclosure is suitable to their individual species' needs and allowing them to express more of their natural behaviors.  


A Lion’s Heart is a registered 501(c)(3) charity located in the United States in Southside, Alabama with global contacts. Whose main mission and goal is to help and alleviate the suffering of zoo animals throughout the world.